The ice front line

About 22,000 years ago large glaciers once again emerged from north and later also from east and formed a solid ice sheet over the whole north-eastern Denmark. The glacier stood in a line that went from Bovbjerg by the the North Sea into the country to Viborg. Here the ice front curved and went south and continued down through Jutland.

This ice front line, which marks the maximale ice coverage in the last ice age is called “hovedopholdslinjen” (the main line). Here East Jutland’s glacier-formed till-landscapes are replaced by West Jutland’s endless outwash plain. It is also where, the present-day watershed (and Hærvejen) are located. Another funny fact is that øst of the ice front line the streams run towards east, while they west of the ice front line run towards west.

From snowflake to glacier

Can you believe that the light snowflakes can turn into heavy compact glacier ice that can move giant rocks and mountains?

– As long as they are enough and they never melt!


The Round Tower 42 m

Himmelbjerget 147 m

The ice on Lolland 600 m

The ice in Northern Scandinavia 3000 m