Rocky route 1 – Kalø

On the first rocky route, you can experience rock from the ice age in both water and on land. The route takes place south of Rønde at Kalø Slotsruin, Hestehave forest, and Ringel forest. Use latitude (B) and longitude (L) to find the rocks – they can be inserted into, for example, Google Maps.

Store Rønsten

Store Rønsten is a giant rock at 54 tons. It is laying in low tide in the reef between Kalø Slotsruin and Vrinners Hoved with other big rocks of 3 to 9 tons. Almost dried out at low tide, on with the waders or long wellington boots. These reef rocks are often used as lay-bys for the seabirds, especially gulls and the great cormorant, reef and rocks often also to seals.  Aarhus Stiftstidende joined Jens Reddersen, when he measured the rock.

The rock is dark granite with big rectangular grains. The location suggests that Store Rønsten, together with other rocks, has melted out from the sole on the Kalø Vig-glacier. Alternatively it is remnants of moraines that have been pushed away by the ocean.

B: 56.265736° L: 10.474894°

Store Tvilling

Store Tvilling is a granite rock at 10 tons. The rock is on the right of the gravel road from Kalø Jagtslot to Ringelmose Skov north-west (Lådne Hoved) just before you reach the forest. Store Tvilling is thought to have been dragged from a nearby field.

As the name suggest this rock has a twin ‘Lille Tvilling’, that is close by.

B: 56.295821° L: 10.498425°

Lille Tvilling

Lille Tvilling weighs 4,5 tons and is close to Store Tvilling. The rock is on the right of the gravel road from Kalø Jagtslot to Ringelmose Skov north-west, just before you reach the forest (Det Lodne Hoved). Lille Tvilling is thought to have been dragged from a nearby field. The rock is wide-banded gneissic granite.

B: 56.295839° L: 10.498410°


Feldbækstenen is a large dark granite rock at 8 tons. The rock was found during the construction of the expressway north of Rønde to Taastrup. It has been moved to its current location, which is close to the expressway by the western end of Feldbækvej near the driveways to NO. 5 and NO. 7.

B: 56.296650° L: 10.520848°

von Jenisch-stenen

von Jenisch-stenen is a large rock at 9,9 tons in red granite with dark biotite mica. The rock was placed in 1944 as a monument for William von Jenisch, who was killed in the war. According to VF Hansen’s book “Kalø”, the rock was obtained from Favntræpladsen in Hestehave Skoven. It was put in concrete; which is why the volume is calculated with an estimate of 15% under ground.

B: 56.291210° L: 10.493439°

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Nature rapport about rocks (in Danish)

Do you want to know more about ice age rocks in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge, then take a look in the nature rapport 10/2015 (in Danish).

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A big thank you to…

A big thank you to Nationalpark Mols Bjerge and Jens Reddersen for their nature rapport ‘De kæmpestore kampesten og deres rejse’, which is a mapping and dissemination of the big ice-transported rocks in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge.

We have had great pleasure in both facts and pictures.