The reindeer belongs to the deer-family (Cervidae) and they live in herds of more than thousand animals. Both females and males grow antlers, and then they have a tendon that makes a click-sound, when the tendon slides over a bone in the foot. This sound makes it easy for the reindeers to stick together in a blizzard e.g.

The first humans in Denmark followed the reindeers from the south, when they were very dependent on the reindeers as their primary game animals.


Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus

Height: Shoulder-height 0,9-1,4 m.

Weight: 90-270 kg.

Food source: Lichen, moss, grass, and leaves.

Life expectancy: 6-10 years in the wild and 15 years in captivity.

Distribution: Tundra on the Northern hemisphere, Siberia, and North America.

Status: The oldest finding from Denmark is approximately 32,000 years old. The reindeer disappeared from Denmark in a period of time but re-immigrated approximately 14,200 years ago. It became extinct in Denmark approximately 9,000 years ago.