Well-known rocks

Denmark is full of with well-known rocks. Both the locally and nationally known ones. Some are mentioned here for inspiration to go out into the Danish nature. It is full of great experiences and stories.


Hesselagerstenen is the biggest boulder in Denmark weighing in at over 1000 tons. It is located at Hesselager on South-east Funen, it is also called Dammestenen. Christian the 8th ordered an excavation at the boulder in 1845, to make it possible to determine if the boulder was a part of the bedrock. It was not a part of the bedrock, and it 1846 it was protected.


Rokkestenen is one of the best-known glacial erratics, it is a big turist-attraction on Bornholm. There are actually three wobbly rocks on Bornholm. The biggest one weighs approximately 35 tons and is located in Paradisbakkerne. It is known for being wobbly.


Mørupstenen weighs about 500 tons and is the biggest rock in Jutland. It consists of larvikite and originates from the area around Oslo. It was transported to the Herning-area by the ice in a previous ice age.


Hvissingestenen weighs 234 tons and is the biggest rock on Zealand. It is located in the eastern part of Vestskoven, north of Hvissinge.


Skæringstenen weighs 86 tons and is located just across Føtex in Skæring, north of Aarhus. It was moved from its original location in connection to some construction work.

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Nature rapport about rocks (in Danish)

Do you want to know more about ice age rocks in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge, then take a look in the nature rapport 10/2015 (in Danish).

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A big thank you to…

A big thank you to Nationalpark Mols Bjerge and Jens Reddersen for their nature rapport ‘De kæmpestore kampesten og deres rejse’, which is a mapping and dissemination of the big ice-transported rocks in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge.

We have had great pleasure in both facts and pictures.