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Have you looked a mammoth in the eyes? At Naturhistorisk Museum Aarhus you can, from may 12th 2017, experience the ice age giants stepping out of the animal-card univers and coming alive. The exhibition Back to the ice age 2 – the ice age giants tells stories about the ice age and the animals that lived there. Look forward to gigantic mammoths, an impressive Irish elk, woolly rhinoceros, straight-tusked elephants, and killer saber-toothed cats. The prehistoric animals are recreated in actual size and send you 15,000 years back in time. A remote past becomes alive and accessible, while you walk around and follow the story of how the ice age animals lived, what they ate, and why they died.

The exhibition is open from May 12th 2017 to February 18th 2018.

The exhibition is divided into two parts, and it is a collaboration between Aalborg Zoo and Naturhistorisk Museum in Aarhus and it is supported by Nordea-fonden.

Experience more

Naturhistorisk Museum, Aarhus, is the second-largest natural history museum in Denmark, with millions of animals in its collections. The museum is located in Universitetsparken in Aarhus and employs approximately 35 years full-time equivalent of researchers, communicators, educators, conservators, and administrative personnel.

The purpose of the museum is to further natural historical research and communicate the results of science. Naturhistorisk Museum, Aarhus is a state-subsidised, self-owned museum institution.

Besides the big exhibition “Back to the ice age”, the museum is full of other exciting things. Explore our exhibitions among predators, giants whales, and cute baby animals. It is an experience for young and old.

Naturhistorisk Museum also owns the field laboratory and conference centre, Molslaboratoriet in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge. Here you can go on nice walks and experience the landscape, which still have traces of the ice age.

More about the ice age in ‘Natur og Museum’

Do you want to know more about the ice age? The Danish magazine “Natur og Museum” from Natuhistorisk Museum in Aarhus highlights the past with the booklet “Tilbage til istiden” –  There were much more than barren steppe with a single frozen mammoth on the horizon.

The booklet can be found here or in the museum shop.

Find us

Naturhistorisk Museum Aarhus

Wilhelm Meyers Allé 10
8000 Aarhus C

Phone +45 86 12 97 77

Opening hours

Open daily 10.00 – 16.00

Closed: December 24th, 25th and 31st as well as January 1st.


Children 0-18 years

75 DKK

(with student ID)
65 DKK

(more than 10)
65 DKK per person

65 DKK

Annual pass
90 DKK per person

The exhibitions

At Naturhistorisk Museum, Aarhus the second part of the exhibition “Back to the ice age” opened May 12th 2017.

The first part of the ice age exhibition from Naturhistorisk Museum has been moved to Aalborg Zoo