Funny rocks

There are many funny rocks in Denmark. Some rocks look like something else, others wobble, and some have a funny story. You can see some of the funny rocks here. It could be a great experience, and you can even bring the children.


Elefantstenen, as it was named, is a large elephant-shaped rock, weighing 7 tons. It was exposed while digging for pebbles at Holme Strand.


Gårdnavnsstenen, which has the words ‘Fredetikkesminde’ added to it, is standing at the driveway to Frederikkesminde, Hovdigevej NO. 5. It was found on the property and moved by machine, where they estimated it to 4-5 tons. It is dark biotite-rich granite rock. It was named Barbapapa by three school children, waiting for the schoolbus. They thought it looked like the cartoon.

B: 56.237719° L: 10.735634°


Grisetrynestenen is a very large rock with a pighead and a snout at about 7 tons. It was exposed while digging for pebbles at Holme Strand.


Traktorstenen is hidden in the ground just below plough-depth in the field north of Frederikkesminde quite close to Pramdige Bæk. Previously it was thought to be so big that a tractor can stand on it. Which is how it got its name. It is hoped that the rock can be exposed.

B: 56.245167° L: 10.728209°

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Nature rapport about rocks (in Danish)

Do you want to know more about ice age rocks in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge, then take a look in the nature rapport 10/2015 (in Danish).

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A big thank you to…

A big thank you to Nationalpark Mols Bjerge and Jens Reddersen for their nature rapport ‘De kæmpestore kampesten og deres rejse’, which is a mapping and dissemination of the big ice-transported rocks in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge.

We have had great pleasure in both facts and pictures.