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Ice age bike trip in and around Aarhus

The landscape around Aarhus was affected a lot by the latest ice age, and the traces can be seen everywhere.
All of Aarhus Kommune is characterised by moraine landscape that formed during and after the ice age. However, there is a big difference in how the moraine landscape is expressed, depending on where in the municipality you are. In Aarhus Kommune you can find everything from large glacial erratics and tunnel-valleys to terminal moraine hills. On this bike route you get insight into how the landscape was formed, feel the hills in your legs, and moreover you will see traces of humans settlements over the years – from ice age to present day. Therefore, the route ends in the centre of Aarhus City – at Vikingemuseet.

This bike route takes you around Aarhus and the surroundings to locations that somehow have been affected by the latest ice age. The bike route is 75 km in total, but it is possible to shorten it, if you wish.

The route starts at Skæringsstenen in Skæring and ends at Vikingemuseet in the centre of Aarhus. It is not just a trip back to the ice age, but a journey through the ice age ending in present day.

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