Join us, when we go back to the ice age in 2017

Did you know that the mammoths once lived right here in Denmark? and that they shared landscape with woolly rhinoceros, aurochs, cave bears, wolfs, and a lot of other animals. The exhibition consists of two parts. From April 8th 2017 in Aalborg Zoo, you can experience the exhibition about the birth of Denmark between the ice and the water’s powers, and the diverse wildlife that live on the flourishing Mammoth steppe. From May 12th 2017 at Naturhistorisk Museum in Aarhus, you can face re-created mammoths, Irisk elk, and the woolly rhinoceros in their actual size.

Welcome back to the ice age!

Aalborg returns to the ice age

At Aalborg Zoo you can learn about the ice age’s most important heritage in Denmark; our landscape that has been formed and almost kneaded by the ice. In front of the ice front there were lots of life with herds of reindeer, Irish elks, birds, insects, and of course the woolly mammoth. Learn about the forces of the ice, explore the wild animal life, and get answers to, how we know so much about something so old. In the middle of it all you can see a dead mammoth in actual size – almost 5 meters long with woolly fur and long tusks.

Experience the exhibition at Aalborg Zoo from April 8th to October 22nd 2017.

Aarhus takes you back to the ice age

Have you looked a mammoth in the eyes? Now is your chance, when the ice age giants returns to Aarhus after almost 12,000 years of absence. They step out of giants animal cards, while moving and making noises. Look forward to getting up close to the mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, Irish elks, saber-toothed cats, aurochs, cave bears, and many more.

Experience the exhibition at Naturhistorisk Museum in Aarhus from May 12th 2017 to February 18th 2018.